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How to view your bookmarks

Bookmarks are added to relevant lists. Each of those lists have specific search results in them. In order to check your lists and the results stored there, you should open the wanted list.

Go to the home page and click the Bookmarks section. In the drop-down that will open choose the relevant list and click on it. This will open the list page for you and you will be able to see all the bookmarks that you have added in that particular list. 

Moreover, you can always remove any bookmark from a list from this page. In order to remove a bookmark, click on the bookmark icon (which is marked red now) and click on the 'remove' button. This will delete that bookmark from your list. The number of bookmarks will update as soon as you make any change into the list as well, so that you can have a clear number of bookmarks stored in that list. 

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